Description from our last campaign:

This campaign will be centered around one of the larger metropolises in the world, a city called the Citadel of Erathis, or just the Citadel. Named for the goddess of civilization, law, and invention, the city has existed for over 1000 years and is rumored to have been built by an exarch of the goddess herself. The city is known for several things:

1. Being a major trading hub, and drawing merchants from all over the world. It is also a major cultural and religious center, and home to many universities and schools of magic.

2. Having some of the most spectacular defenses in the known world. Its walls are just over half a mile in height, and appear to be made of one solid piece of stone. Despite their age and the occasional siege, the walls have not cracked, broken, or even had their color dulled. The city is also defended by a powerful enchantment, a magical field that permeates the wall and covers all approaches to the city, including the air and under the ground. This magical field allows physical matter through but keeps out anything immaterial. This means that pretty much anything passing through — humanoids, dragons, ghosts, undead, etc. — is functionally killed by the transition.

3. Due to (2), not having need of a standing army. Normal assaults are not able to penetrate the wall or magical field of the city, and any drawn out combat or siege fails due to the number of allies and trading partners that the Citadel has. The city does, however, have a highly developed secret police force, headed by the king’s chief advisor. Due to its volume of trade and not needing to pay upkeep for an army, Citadel is extremely wealthy.

4. Frequently making use of adventurers. Citadel generally uses its secret police to handle internal matters and day to day operations, and calls in adventurers for particularly tough jobs. Given the size of the city, there is almost always a need for adventurers in the area.

The city is also known for “Traitor’s Drop”, a dry well or cistern starting in the town square and extending down several hundred feet, and crossing through the barrier as it passes underneath the city. Traitors and other major criminals are frequently executed by being dropped down this well.

Notable Characters:

The Steward
The King
The Prince


The Citadel was previously jointly ruled by a council consisting of the King, his son the Prince, and The Steward.

Associated Locations:
The Workshops


Citadel Aquinas