Character Sheet.

Fenris is a longtooth shifter who, along with his older brother, was found abandoned in the wild. He was about 1 at the time. The two of them were raised by a relatively normal peasant couple in a small logging village around 30 miles from Citadel. When he was 7, bandits pillaged the settlement and killed almost everyone there. When Fenris saw his adopted parents struck down he flew into a rage, transforming into his wolf form for the first time, seizing the ax his father used (a family heirloom that never seemed to grow dull) and charging the bandit leader. He got in one good strike on the bandit’s right arm.

When the soldiers from Citadel arrived, they found Fenris nearly hewn in two. He had four arrows in him, three in vital spots. They put him in the mass grave they were digging for the village, and were somewhat surprised when he pulled himself out. They took him back to the city, and Fenris spent the remainder of his early life in the barracks. Joining the secret police of Citadel was a natural next step. He’s currently a tracker, hunting down the more difficult to find foes of the city.

Possible plot hooks:

Trade is a big deal for Citadel, and any sort of piracy or bandit operations could bring Fenris far away from the city to solve the issue.

Fenris is completely sold on the order and civilization that cities and law bring, and opposed to outlaws and chaos. He would go out of his way to hunt down anything that poses a serious threat to law and order.

If Fenris survived, maybe his brother did too (note from Joel: his brother did survive, Fenris just doesn’t know it).

Whatever happened to his (real) parents?


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