Shabaramy Safralasfh

After leaving home and living among non-Genasi, he has come to expect mispronunciation and goes by a shortened form of his surname—Safralas.

A native of the Genasi city of Akanul, he served a brief time in the final campaign against the Aboleth Sovereignty. While seeing only minor action, the experience served to instill a lifelong hatred of the Aboleth and their Kuo-Toa allies.

This intolerance is perhaps heightened by the discomfort of being away from his preferred element during the campaign, although, being an inhabitant of an extra-planar city and an elemental being, feeling between worlds is not unusual for him.

While his home experiences relative peace and prosperity, this has only instilled him with wanderlust, made the more urgent by a downsizing of the military. Now working as a mercenary, he seeks adventure and the opportunity to test and prove himself in combat, and perhaps win fame along the way. Being a stormsoul with such goals makes it unsurprising that he follows Kord and revels in his own ability to bring the storm god’s thunder to the battlefield.

Possible hooks:

As a blade for hire, Safralas is interested in tasks that involve a large reward, particularly because they’re likely to involve a challenge and an opportunity for broader renown.

Due to his past, any rumors of actions against aberrations are likely to spark his interest, particularly those that involve his race home, or traditional enemies. Also tasks that involve planar travel hold a special allure for him.

While always up for a challenge, he doesn’t like enclosed spaces. Anywhere too small to hold atmosphere is likely to instill a growing unease in him.

Shabaramy Safralasfh

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